Casino Night
I attended a casino night on January 12th, 2007 at Joe’s Garage in Tustin. The event was very nice and we got to mingle with some of Orange County’s best athletes. It was a fantastic evening and thanks to my friend Aaron we got some great photos from the event. Check them out below.
Scott Niedermeyer, Rob Rohm, Sammy Pahlson, and J.S. Giguere
Scott Niedermeyer, Aaron Jacoby, Sammy Pahlson, and J.S. Giguere
Blackjack with the Ducks
Darin Erstad, Rob Rohm, Teemu Selanne
Darin Erstad, Aaron Jacoby, Teemu Selanne
Erstad and Giguere playing poker
Texas Hold Em
Another Poker Pic
Mark McGwire and Chris Pronger
Chris Pronger, Mark McGwire, and Teemu Selanne
Scott Niedermeyer and Rob Rohm
Outbid by Adam Kennedy!
Erstad gear that I was outbid on by Adam Kennedy
Another pic of Erstad gear
John Lackey, Rob Rohm, and Adam Kennedy
Darin Erstad caricature
Rob Rohm caricature
Darin Erstad caricature
Bobby Grich’s 2002 World Series ring
Bobby Grich and Aaron Jacoby
Rob Rohm and Bobby Grich
Darin Erstad checking out jersey
Darin Erstad signing jersey
Aaron Jacoby and Darin Erstad
Rob Rohm and Darin Erstad
Sammy Pahlson signing a puck
Mark McGwire signing a photo
J.S. Giguere signing a program
Mickey Hatcher
Sammy Pahlson and Rob Rohm
Chris Pronger and Rob Rohm
Chris Pronger and Aaron Jacoby
Aaron won the big prize! Jersey signed by all athletes in attendance
Group photo of some of athletes
Another group shot of athletes and wives
Tide car
Mickey Hatcher buying us a round!
Mickey Hatcher and Aaron Jacoby
Aaron’s signed jersey prize
Casino Night